We're pleased to welcome Berkshire Bank's East Syracuse customers and team members!  

Pathfinder Bank is excited to announce the acquisition of Berkshire Bank’s East Syracuse branch! At this time, it is business as usual -- you will not notice any changes in your day-to-day banking activities. The familiar faces in the East Syracuse office will not change either. While some things like the bank name and logo will change, you will continue to receive the same personalized attention and trusted financial advice that you have always enjoyed. 

July 19th, 2024, Berkshire Bank's East Syracuse location will be converting over to Pathfinder Bank. To help with the transition, we have created a booklet that outlines all the information you need. This booklet has already been mailed to you for your convenience, but you can also find it 
here. All expected changes and requested actions will be available here for your reference. We will continue to do all we can and make ourselves available to minimize interruptions and make this transition simple for all our customers.

Monday, July 22nd, 2024: the East Syracuse location will open as Pathfinder Bank.

Please continue to check back often, as we will be updating these pages with new information as it becomes available.

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Conversion Weekend Important Dates
The transition of Berkshire Bank’s East Syracuse location into Pathfinder Bank is scheduled to occur over the weekend of July 19th, 2024. Please refer to the timeline below for the details of the conversion so you can plan accordingly.

Wednesday, July 17th, 3pm:

  • Berkshire Bank’s Bill Pay and Peer-to-Peer access will be disabled and will not be available.

Thursday, July 18th, 3pm:

  • ATMs at Berkshire Bank’s East Syracuse location will become inactive and will not be accessible for a brief period of time post conversion. Pathfinder Bank is part of the Allpoint® ATM Network. You can use your new Pathfinder Bank Debit Card surcharge free at any Pathfinder Bank or Allpoint ATM. 
    Allpoint ATMs are conveniently located in places you already shop like Target, Walgreens, Costco, and more. Find an Allpoint ATM near you.

Thursday, July 18th, 5pm:

  • Berkshire Bank’s Online & Mobile Banking access will be disabled and will no longer be available.
  • If you currently use Quicken or QuickBooks to directly connect to Berkshire Bank, download a Quicken or QuickBooks formatted file and import your balance information and transaction activity into Quicken or QuickBooks from Berkshire Bank Online Banking.

Friday, July 19th, 3pm:

  • Berkshire Bank’s East Syracuse Branch will close, and the conversion weekend will be underway.

Friday, July 19th, 5pm:

  • Berkshire Bank’s Business Solutions Access will be disabled and will no longer be available.
  • Berkshire Bank Debit Cards will be deactivated.

Saturday, July 20th:

  • Berkshire Bank’s East Syracuse Branch will be closed.
  • Pathfinder Bank Contact Center available: 8am-12pm   
  • You may begin using your Pathfinder Bank Debit Card

Monday, July 22nd:

  • The East Syracuse branch officially reopens as Pathfinder Bank at 9:00am! You can access your new Pathfinder Bank accounts and start enjoying Online and Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, and other digital services, along with the convenience of our 11 other branch and ATM locations.


Here to guide you toward success.

This link: www.pathfinderbank.com/welcome will be your “hub” for all things related to this transition. Please keep an eye on your mailbox and email and check back here for all the important updates and information.

For more information on the acquisition, please reach out to us at 315-343-0057.  

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