We're pleased to welcome Berkshire Bank's East Syracuse customers and team members!  

Pathfinder Bank is excited to announce the acquisition of Berkshire Bank’s East Syracuse branch! At this time, it is business as usual -- you will not notice any changes in your day-to-day banking activities. The familiar faces in the East Syracuse office will not change either. While some things like the bank name and logo will change, you will continue to receive the same personalized attention and trusted financial advice that you have always enjoyed.  

Here to guide you toward success.

This link: www.pathfinderbank.com/welcome will be your “hub” for all things related to this transition. More information will be provided as the acquisition is finalized and we begin the operating system transition. Please keep an eye on your mailbox and email and check back here for all the important updates and information. 

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Who is Pathfinder Bank?
Pathfinder Bank is a local, community-centric bank with 11 full-service office locations across Oswego and Onondaga Counties, including a loan production office in Oneida County. We are proud to offer a wide range of financial solutions including business and consumer banking, commercial loans, mortgage loans, digital services, and more. Learn more about the bank by accessing the below links:

Is there anything I need to do today?

No. It will be business as usual for now. Please continue to access your accounts as you normally do. Please continue to contact Berkshire Bank's East Syracuse office.

When will I receive additional information about the transition?

The purchase of the branch by Pathfinder is subject to regulatory approval, associated system conversions, and satisfaction of certain customary closing conditions.  The parties expect to close on the purchase and sale of the Berkshire branch by the end of the third quarter of 2024, at which point the branch will be fully converted to operate as a Pathfinder branch office.  


Will the sale affect my account access?

There should be no impact on your account access. We fully expect all accounts will transfer seamlessly to Pathfinder Bank. Currently, the branch sale is still pending regulatory approval. Once the sale of the branch is complete, we will convert all affected Berkshire Bank accounts to the Pathfinder Bank operating system. It is our hope that there will be minimal disruptions for customers. As we work through the transition, we will communicate changes and updates to you through the mail and this website.


Will my Berkshire Bank debit card continue to work?

Yes. Your debit card will continue to work as it does today. There is no need to order a new card at this time. At the appropriate time, you will receive a Pathfinder Bank debit card to replace your current Berkshire debit card. We will notify you well in advance and will be ready to assist with the transition. 


Will my Berkshire Bank online banking change?

Your online banking and mobile app will not change for the time being. We will notify you well in advance of any changes related to online banking access and will be ready to assist with the transition. 

Will my Berkshire Bank checks still work?

Yes. Please continue to use your Berkshire Bank checks. After conversion, your checks will need to be replaced. We will notify you well in advance and help you order checks for your Pathfinder Bank account. 

How does this sale impact small business and commercial business clients? 

All Berkshire Bank small business deposit customers will become Pathfinder Bank customers. The sale will have no effect on Berkshire Bank's commercial banking clients or commercial banking employees in the New York market.


Will the bankers I work with at the East Syracuse branch remain after the sale?

Yes. We place a high value on our relationships with our customers and understand that Berkshire Bank customers have built trust with the bankers they have known for years. That said, we are hopeful that all current branch employees will join the Pathfinder team upon the acquisition's completion. 


What if I already have an account with Pathfinder Bank?

If you already have an account with us, you will continue to have that account and any new accounts transferred from your relationship with Berkshire Bank.


Our team is working hard behind the scenes to ensure a smooth transition. 

Below, we have provided some answers to questions that you may have about the switch from Berkshire Bank to Pathfinder Bank. As always, please reach out to us with any questions. We will continue to keep you informed by providing updates every step of the way.

For more information on the acquisition, please reach out to us at 315-343-0057.